The Mobile Sustainable Energystation

InfraSolar Mobile Energy Unit Zijaanzicht

The Mobile Energy Unit

The Mobile Energyunit provides a solution for an easy to transport powersupply for every projectlocation. The Unit has got a solarplant, generator and windmills to generate power for your daily activities. On site we also provide internetconnection for your projectoffice, the combination of powersupply and internet makes the Mobile Energy Unit the best product you can have on site.

Batterystorage and Generator with HVO Fuel

Inside the Energystation of the InfraSolar we see different attributes. The generated power will storage in the 1000 ah / 24V storagebattery. The generated power comes from the external solarplant. The solarplant has got 12x315W solarpanels to charge the batteries. The Charge controllers are from our partner Whisper Power and generate the batteries consistently. If the customers is requesting for more power by for example charging his  electric car, the generator provides extra power. The generator is driven by Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (EN15940) and does not expel any CO2.

Grid- and internetconnections

In the container there are different potential connections which can be used for the powersupply on site. The different types of connections can be used by every kind of chain, container or solution.

Inside one of the boxes there is a router. The router can give you acces to a Wi-Fi internetconnection.

So InfraSolar provides a warm office, green cup of coffee and a internetconnection on site! That make the customer and the nature happy!

Technical Specifications

Solar Panels12/243,9 kW/7,8 kW
Battery11000 Ah / 24V
Inverter114 kW
Car chargepoint13,7 kW
Electricity connection332A

Grid connection

216A 230V

Size Solarplant

12,5 m x 6 m

Container Size

18 foot
Generator18 kVA
HvO 1001300 liters